Meet the horses …


Hi! My name is Lewistin and I was born in 2007 in Kentucky. I’m a Rocky Mountain gaited horse, which means when you ride me it’s very smooth and I cover miles quickly. This is why Bethany rides me on the Shore-To-Shore horse camping ride each year from Lake Huron all the way to Lake Michigan. I don’t even get tired; I’m an amazing athlete!
Michigan became my home in 2011 and I love living here.


Another of my favorite activities (besides grazing) is helping people heal their hearts so they can live their best lives. That is my essential gift to humanity and the real reason that I’m on the planet. It’s natural for me to do this; I’m always focused in the present moment and am always completely honest and non-judgmental. Sometimes just standing next to a client and offering a listening ear is enough to remove blocks and promote healing, but I usually do much more than that. Bethany is my partner and often I depend on her to interpret my message. We make a great team!

I’m a very sweet boy and would love to meet you. I hope you come soon to hear my message!

Love, Lewistin

Hi! My name is Anna, and I’m the newest horse to join BraveHeart Equine Coaching! I was born in 2009 and raised in Virginia and am a Tennessee Walker. I’ve been doing Equine Gestalt Coaching for a few years and Love my work!  Lewistin and I get along well and many say we look like brother and sister. Come on out, I can’t wait to meet you!!

In Memory: Gypsy 1987-2016 Gypsy was the wise elder on the farm and lived with on the ranch from 1996 until her passing in 2016. Gypsy did many things in her equine life, but among her favorites was to help Dr. Bethany restore the human spirit in her clients. She is deeply missed in the herd.