What people say after working with Dr. Bethany & BraveHeart Gestalt Coaching:

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Dr. Bethany Piziks impressed me – first as my coaching client, then through her enthusiastic participation in all our workshops, Applied Strategic Planning twice, our NSC inner circle of leaders – as someone with integrity, high self awareness, foresight, great courage and as a leader with a genuine desire to help others. She built a top tier dental practice in Cadillac, MI., transitioned to a group practice, and then heard a higher calling. She left that successful, comfortable existence to build on her own life experience combining her two loves – helping others achieve highest potential and horses. If you’re one who believes all significant change begins within, you’re going to love your time with Bethany!
— Bob Frazer Jr, DDS, FACD, FICD

This has been the best 2 days! I never expected the depth of transformation I got. The horses are amazing and you can feel their power! Thank you So Much for what you do, I wish it were a requirement for all dental teams to experience this. Best therapy session I could ask for. You and your services are needed in every state!
— Janie R., Complete Dental Practice Consulting

Amazing-I’m so glad all of my team was here today. We all grew from this experience today in understanding each other better, harnessing our energy, discovering individual strengths, all in beautiful and safe surroundings. The time passed very quickly. There is more to be experienced. The understanding of the horses is awe-creating.
— Debbie Lewis, DDS

Today I realized that I am more in need of peace than I knew. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with & enjoy the horses. I was a skeptic at first and at the end of our session I am more in tune to my inner soul. I now know more of how to reach & see that inner spirit. Thank you!
— Crystal, RDH

What a wonderful experience being with all my co-workers and work with Bethany’ horses! I felt peaceful, refreshed, an relaxed by the end of the day. Loved learning about myself and bring everything out. I feel lighter!
— Emma, dental assistant

I never thought this could be such an eye-opening experience! I learned so much about myself and my teammates. The Braveheart retreat is in such a calm, beautiful setting! Bethany is a great guide and gets you to think outside the daily hustle & bustle. The horses were amazing in their ability to sense our feelings & reactions. A truly awesome experience!
— Kelly, RDH

Wonderfully relaxing. Beautiful setting Relaxing environment allowed for open & honest conversations. Great learning the typology of myself and my teammates! Breathe deeply, center yourself, live in the moment! Thank you Dr. Bethany for a great day!
— Katie, front desk

I can honestly say that after 29 years in dentistry I have never worked with anyone like Dr. Bethany! The team retreat was simply amazing. She was able to bring out deep-seated emotions, clarity, vision, and goal work. It’s hard to describe the experience, but she is simply amazing!”
— Sandi Calleros, DDS, Calleros Dental, El Segundo, CA

“Dr. Bethany made me realize my worth and allowed me the platform to be open and honest with myself and my team. Thank you!”
—Lyndsay, RDH, Calleros Dental

“We had an amazing session with Dr. Bethany. She exceeded any and all expectations. She goes far beyond your typical consultant or coach. I highly recommend her services!”
— Sandy, Financial Coordinator, Calleros Dental

“Dr. Bethany’s team coaching session for emotional, rewarding, and insightful. I highly recommend her services for any dental professional.”
— Kristen Geyer, DDS, Calleros Dental

“Dr. Bethany gave me the tools & insight to thrive and become the best we can be. Looking forward to our team bonding retreat with the horses!”
— Jennifer, RDA, Calleros Dental

“Dr. Bethany’s coaching was eye-opening. I have been able to see my inner soul again. I feel refreshed and motivated. She is soothing and really honed into us individually and as a team.”
—Marissa, RDH, Calleros Dental

“Working with Dr. Bethany has been transformational. Our time with her was a breath of fresh air that guided our office to do the necessary work to not only transform our own minds but our patients’ as well. I can’t wait until our next coaching session!”
— Stephanie, RDH, Calleros Dental

It was evident today that our group can love & support each other through difficult situations. The horses helped us to be in touch with our emotions and our different strengths in this world.
— Eastbay Family Dentistry Team Member

I’ve never been around horses & didn’t know what to expect. I definitely felt a connect and very at ease & peaceful in their presence!
— Eastbay Family Dentistry Team Member

This experience was surprising and left me in awe of how the horses connected to my heart. It was a life-changing moment for me!
— Eastbay Family Dentistry Team Member

Today was life-changing as a person & as a group; I’m amazed to now know the power of feelings that horses have. Everyone should have this experience!
— Eastbay Family Dentistry Team Member

What a wonderful experience it was today! So calming to be around the horses. Great day to spend with co-workers & get to know everyone on a more personal level.
— Eastbay Family Dentistry Team Member

Bethany is a phenomenal coach with lots of enthusiasm and a whole lot of caring.  I highly recommend Bethany and her equine coaching services to anyone who wishes to enhance personal growth, progress and performance in their lives.
— Wayne M., Calgary AB

I love Bethany’s mindfulness and thoughtful approach as she guides the process for her client.  Absolutely present, compassionate, and respectful.  The gift of healing is powerful in Bethany.
— Connie Z.  Creston, BC

Bethany focuses on creating a peaceful connection with her clients before engaging in a session.  She has an amazing, calm presence that is reassuring and respectful to everyone she works with.
— Aileen W.  Alberta, Canada

Bethany carries herself with confidence and grace while keeping her client safe.  She moves her client through their process in a very loving way.
— Marian B., Victoria Beach, AB