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Highlights from this episode:

  • The joy of taking care of patients
  • Details about Nucalm’s benefits 
  • The components of Nucalm that work together to create calm
  • Amazing experiences with Nucalm
  • What it is like coming out of a Nucalm session
  • The wonderful ratings for Nucalm within the dental profession

Resources and links mentioned: 

Special Guest Dr. Bethany Piziks on Love Your Practice Podcast with Dr. Laura Mach, DDS

It is a privilege to welcome back to the show for a second time, Dr. Bethany Piziks! Bethany is an amazing dentist who loves taking care of patients and is dedicated to reducing dental anxiety by relaxing patients in a natural way. The product, NuCalm, she is involved with creates amazing calming states without the use of drugs, and she focuses directly on its use within the practice of dentistry. This product’s meditative and restorative properties are perfect for both practitioners as well as patients. If the patient is relaxed, it is much better for us as doctors because when patients are stressed, we absorb that anxiety, negatively affecting our physiology. 

Are you ready to turn off the stress? Bethany explains how NuCalm balances the nervous system by shutting down the stress response in someone’s system. Headphones are also employed to pace the brain into a different frequency, slowing the brainwaves to a state of deep meditation. The neuroscience involved in this took 20 years to invent this product! This fascinating episode goes into great detail about the amazing benefits and success the dental community sees with NuCalm. Are you ready to spoil your patients with an amazing product that will allow you to practice better and safer dentistry to patients who are in a much more relaxed state? Listen to this episode to hear Bethany’s experience with and passion for this product, the science that exists to help you care for your patients on another level, and how you can get additional information on changing the future of dentistry.

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Facebook Live with Dr. Bethany Piziks, hosted by Dr. Laura Schwindt and the Reclaim Your Balance the Blueprint for Female Dentists

On this Facebook Live, Dr. Piziks shares about her belief about getting to the root of anxiety and resolving it from where it began. She also shares her excitement about NuCalm, a neuroscience technology that perfectly complements her coaching business!

“I’m on a mission to get to the root of your stress to make your life easier, and, as part of that mission, I’ve combined two of my biggest lives, helping others achieve their highest potential and horses with the assistance of a modern science modality called NuCalm. NuCalm is a catalyst to emotional healing, and it is the world’s ONLY patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality — without drugs.” — Dr. Bethany Piziks: 

Watch the video Now

Dr. Laura Schwindt: Restoring Hearts and Spirits with Dr. Bethany Piziks

Partnering with horses, Dr. Bethany Piziks works with dentists and their teams helping them to reduce stress and anxiety and work better together! Join us as we chat about how horses help humans, the effects of stress, and ways to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and depression!

Dr. Piziks believes in getting to the root of anxiety and resolving it from where it began. She will also be sharing her excitement about NuCalm, a neuroscience technology that perfectly complements her coaching business!

Dr. Bethany Piziks practiced dentistry for over 20 years, then felt compelled to make a difference in another way. Instead of restoring teeth, she set out to restore hearts & spirits.

Combining her passions of life-coaching and horses, she completed a 2-year masters program called ‘Touched By A Horse’ and became a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. She now partners with horses to help her clients get to the root of their anxiety, overcome challenges, and savor life’s sacred moments by living more consciously.

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I was fired for telling the truth and that’s OK

Back in high school, when I was working at my local Wendy’s, I learned a big lesson about living what’s most important to me. One day a customer ordered a Frosty then changed their mind, so I was told to throw it away. Instead, some friends and I went in the back and ate it. We didn’t think it was any big deal. 

Read my blog on DEW Life. I talk about how what seemed to be a traumatic moment became a positive experience in changing my life. 


Proprenuer Podcast

“Dr. Bethany Piziks reveals the power of using horses and equine therapy in your practice on the Propreneur Podcast.”

I was interviewed on the Propreneur Podcast and I’d love for you to check it out. The show is for orthodontists and dentists who are building their entrepreneurial skillset and I talked about power of using horses and equine therapy in your practice. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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Touched by a Horse Podcast

At a young age, Dr. Bethany Piziks learned she never wanted the lack of money to be the reason she couldn’t have something she loved. Which is why she chose dentistry as a career. After many dark years, she discovered her love of horses and the wisdom of coaching.

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The Dr Shoup TV Show

Dentists know more than most, the enormous effect emotions have on the doctor – patient relationship. Many therapeutic modalities have been used to help everyone become emotionally more healthy, at peace, and comfortable with themselves and the world around them. Equine therapy is an emerging area of great healing for the patient battling emotional conflicts. Learn more about the emergence of equine therapy as an alternative to typical sit down discussions.

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How horses can help your dental practice incorporate the ‘fifth element’

A dentist-client recently invested in a team retreat with my horses. I own and operate Braveheart Gestalt Coaching. When the dentist checked in, she mentioned feeling alone and experiencing the crushing stress of “doing it all herself.” I was curious. Her team appeared to be talented and committed. What was missing?
Read the rest of the article on Dentistry IQ

Radio Interview with Dr. Randy Shoup

I was recently interviewed about BraveHeart Gestalt Coaching and how horses and coaching help dentists solve every day problems in the dental practice and life.

The Positive Power of Conflict

published in Dental Economics

Running a successful dental practice is about more than being a great dentist, but what does a successful dental practice actually look like to you? Is it a practice that is thriving financially? One with satisfied patients who actually look forward to maintaining their oral health in partnership with you and your team? Where your team (including you) is cohesive, productive, and happy to come to work every day? These are not mutually exclusive concepts—in fact, a truly successful practice relies on these interdependent components being equally healthy.

Read the rest of the article on Dental Economics website.

Dr. Bethany on the Thriving Dentist Podcast

News Flash: Dentistry is a stressful profession! You know that Gary is ‘Bullish’ on the the dental profession, but he feels it is also important to recognize that dentistry can be very stressful. To help dental professionals reduce stress in their lives and achieve a better life balance, Gary interviewed his friend Dr. Bethany Piziks. Dr. Bethany is a Dentist, a Life Coach and a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. In this important interview, Gary and Bethany discuss; The incident of stress in the dental profession, what causes Dentists and Team Members to experience stress, how equine workshops can help you reduce stress and gain better balance, how horses recognize your heart and your spirit, why it is SO important to be ‘present’ with your patients and how horses can help you master the art and science of being present, and a host of other techniques to help you gain a better balance in your life. You will LOVE Dr. Bethany’s honesty in sharing her experiences and her passion for helping her colleagues.

Listen to the podcast now!

Dr. Bethany in Progressive Dentist Magazine – Spring 2016

On a ranch in Colorado over a chilly October weekend, six dental professionals gathered for a unique coaching retreat — working with horses. They were curious to see what a herd of horses could possibly have to offer.

After introductions, we got straight to it: “Take a minute to remember… who were you before you joined this profession?”

Read the article now by downloading the PDF!

Dr. Bethany in DentistryIQ — Dentists and horses: A strategic partnership that can make a huge difference in your stressful life. February 2016

The Dentist’s Dilemma

Dentists entered a healing profession that demands high standards of technical expertise, for which we spent years training. Then we discovered that training wasn’t enough to be successful. We also must be team leaders, business managers, marketers, counsellors, debt collectors, and much more. As a result, even though many of us are exceptional clinicians, technologists, surgeons, and more, we struggle with the business of being exceptional practice managers.

There are many reasons for this. Some are skills-based and other reasons are more fundamental, such as typology or personality type, habitual group dynamics learned from as far back as childhood, or a lack of emotional intelligence. These can be the result of overly focusing on skills and academics, or because stress and burnout force us to disconnect emotionally from our patients and practice in order to survive.

Read more now.

Dr. Bethany on the Dentistry Uncensored podcast

Ready to learn more?

Dr. Bethany was recently featured on the podcast Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran. Listen as Bethany talks about her background, her personal struggle and how she helps those in the dental profession. Click the picture or follow this link to the Podcast page.