“The things that matter most in life must never be put at the mercy of the things that matter least.” — J. VonGoethe

Individual Acute Treatment Sessions

A dentist in crisis needs help immediately, and my individual acute treatment sessions are designed to meet this need quickly with support and compassion. If a dentist is struggling with overwhelm, stress, depression, addiction, financial fall-out, team issues, or a critical life situation, they can schedule an individual session or set of individual sessions to successfully work through the situation.

We can work with the horses or by phone (or both)!

Team-Building Workshops

A dental office is a team environment and if that team is not functioning properly it can lead to monumental stress. Money, job duties, home lives, patient needs and more can push a team past the breaking point if not balanced with good leadership and management skills from the team leader. In my team-building workshops, I work intimately to identify team strengths, challenges, and relationships. Then, with a variety of techniques learned over my successful career as a dentist as well as through my coaching education, I guide the team in creating actionable steps to improve their function, some of which we practice during the workshop. Team-building workshops are usually 1 ½ to 2 days and can be done in-office or at my facility with the horses.

Start Here …

As a dentist you know the importance of a comprehensive exam and treatment plan. Dr. Bethany’s process as your coach begins much the same way. First on the phone and then in person, with the horses, she will assist you in discovering where you are and where you want to go. Then a treatment plan is developed which will help you achieve your goals in a way that works with your specific situation.

So let’s start with your “chief complaint” with complimentary 30 minute exploratory call. Even this 30 minute call can really make a difference in alleviating pain and clearing anxiety.

Customized Coaching Packages

My process as your coach begins much the same way you begin working with a new patient. First on the phone and then in person with the horses, I will assist you in discovering where you are and where you want to go. Together, we will co-create a “treatment plan” which will help you achieve your goals in a way that works with your specific situation. Custom packages may include:

Two-day Personal Discovery Sessions
These sessions offer amazing opportunities to dig deep and make major changes. You will achieve an ultimate understanding of yourself and be able to use that understanding to move toward personal restoration and a return to wholeness. Plus, you find a rediscovery of balance and purpose. These sessions are personally scheduled to meet your specific needs.
Individual Phone Coaching — The Intentional Journey.
These phone sessions are for clients who wish to have ongoing individual coaching, an accountability partner, and support on their journey toward creating and manifesting their vision. Also for continued individual support in any other endeavor that presents challenges and undiscovered opportunities.
Create Your Own Retreat
All retreats are given in the partnership of horses. During the retreat, you will experience many things including:

Deep self-discovery through the wisdom of horses;
Reawakened self-compassion and empowerment;
The powerful connection between emotions and body;
A clearer vision and path to follow;
Greater personal freedom and less stress.

Couples Sessions

One of the primary areas impacted by stress in the life of a dentist occurs outside the office. Marriages and partnerships often bear the brunt of stress-induced frustration. My couples sessions are designed to help dental professionals and their domestic or professional partners find cohesion, balance, and understanding. This is a full-immersion experience which is conducted over 2 days where couples reconnect with themselves and their relationship, nurturing it back into balance and harmony or making the decision to leave with peace & respect.

Educational Seminars 

Knowledge is power and sometimes the simple act of recognizing the things that are holding you back will release you from them. My seminars are designed to help dental professionals recognize the impact stress, money, and leadership responsibilities can have on their lives and the lives of their teams, patients and families. The seminars give powerful action steps dental professionals can take on their own to reduce stress, improve their financial situation, and become better leaders through understanding