I started my practice, Cadillac Family Dental, from scratch in 2001 with two charts in the filing cabinet (me, and my mom!). Fresh out of dental school, I had zero business experience, and over two hundred thousand dollars of debt.

The only space I could afford in town was in the basement of another dentist’s building. In this dark, musty 850 square foot space, I set up three treatment rooms, hired two employees and began to see patients. In three short years, I built my practice to about 1200 active patients.

Then came the snakes. Yes, real snakes. They sought refuge in my reception area and, as it turns out, most patients don’t like to wait with snakes! Already bursting at the seams in this small office, I began to explore the options and decided to plan for a new building.

I did lots of research and knew I wanted a comfortable, high-end, well built office, finished with all the bells and whistles. I hired an architect to draw up the plans for this state-of-the-art structure, and he printed and framed a computerized rendition of what the building would look like. I hung it on my wall to look at every single day!

My next step was far more important than the plan itself — writing my vision. I knew exactly what I wanted and how life would look and feel when inside this amazing building.

And it felt impossible.

Regardless, I wrote in detail about the technology and equipment in the treatment rooms, the efficient workspaces, full basement with gym and sauna, my own bathroom, ideal employees, and much more. I wrote the vision of what it would be like to treat patients in this new space — how it would comfort them and help my team and me provide the best care.

I read my vision often.

Two “small” problems: 20% down was required in order to break ground, which added up to about $200,000. Of which I had saved exactly, well, zero. And I didn’t have any land yet, either. Every quarter when I met with my accountant, he’d see the picture of the building on the wall and say, “Bethany, get real! This is not happening anytime soon.”

I would roll my eyes because I knew my practice would be moving to that building sooner than later.

I shared my vision with anyone who would listen, and one of my friends told me about a piece of land on the edge of town. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the spot for the new home of Cadillac Family Dental! When I told my financial advisor the plan to buy the land, he told me I’d regret it because the cash flow was not there. I left his office, got a loan, and bought it anyway. So now I owned bare land and another debt.

Meanwhile, I kept reading my vision and working hard, dealing with the snakes and seeing patients. I also drove by my empty property frequently. On one of these trips, about a year after I wrote my vision, there were bull dozers working on the property across the street.

Turns out they were building a kidney dialysis center, and since they were bringing in city sewer and water, my land would get it too, which caused my land to appreciate so much that I could afford to break ground!

Just two years after the vision was written, I walked into the new office of Cadillac Family Dental…Lots of space, six treatment rooms, birds-eye maple trim, Corian counter tops, high ceilings, large private office with a deck, my own bathroom…everything that I imagined and more!

Vision is a critical component in manifesting your desires. Written vision is powerful. I have seen not only in my life but in the lives of others.

My vision now is that Dentists have unlimited access to the resources necessary to stay in the moment and move through the world empowered and filled with self-compassion, making conscious choices along the way.

I see a world where patients feel safety, peace, and contentment being poured into them because dentists and their teams are able to give from full hearts. I know the horses have the gifts necessary to bring us to this space of personal empowerment. I envision dentistry being seen as the caring and compassionate profession that it is, instead of for pain and anxiety.

I see myself making my vision a reality by partnering with dentists in improving their lives and practices through coaching. I also know introducing dentists to the powerful healing and inspiration of horses will change lives in dramatic ways.

My question for you is: How can we help each other create a better future for all of us? Do you or a dentist you know, have a big vision that could use some guidance in manifesting? Or in deciding what your next big step will be? If you would like to make your vision a reality — you should be working with me! Go to my website, BraveHeartGestaltCoaching.com and sign up for a complimentary 30-minute call with me to explore how I can best support your dream!