When I first met Gabriel, I knew he was special. At the time, he was helping teach apprentice EGCM coaches like myself about the powerful healing horses could provide for humanity through the Gestalt process. In my first piece of work with him, I felt a connection deep in my heart. This connection continued over the course of my training at Touched by a Horse.

As I wrote my vision for my future as an EGCM coach, I saw Gabriel in my barn. Even though he was firmly committed in his position at Touched by a Horse, and I had no idea how a horse like him would show up for me, I wrote him into what I saw in my own future. We learn that in vision work, we can write whatever we want to manifest, sometimes the universe is even more creative than we are and we get something even better than we expected!

To solidify my vision and as a special gift to myself toward the end of my training, I had professional photos of myself and Gabriel created. I had no idea how fortuitous this choice would become.

When it came time for my first big retreat — my debut introducing dentists to the incredible power of equine healing — I chose to host my event in Colorado at the Touched by a Horse facility. Gabriel, of course, showed up for me and my clients in a huge way. One of my favorite photos is of him walking alongside a triumphant young dentist as she conquers her inner pain, emerging out the other side with joy and wholeness. Gabriel was a huge part of that transition for her. For me, as facilitator, it only solidified my love of this amazing earth angel.

A few weeks ago, I told to my mentor, Melisa Pearce, that I was looking to add another horse to my healing herd. Having lost Anna over the summer, I had taken the time I needed to heal and just be. Lewistin and I both, however, were now ready for a new partner and friend to join us. Melisa stole my breath when she immediately offered me the opportunity to acquire Gabriel. There was no hesitation. Arrangements were made and one of my first actions in the new year was to pick up Gabriel!

As I loaded Gabriel into the trailer with Lewistin, I took a moment to reflect on my vision from several years ago. A written, interactive vision is an incredibly powerful force that really does change your life. You never know when or how — and the beauty is you don’t need to know — but vision work makes an impact. What you foresee, write, and concentrate on, you create. I now foresee Gabriel helping many others decide what they want to manifest in their lives — and lending them his strength to help make it happen.

Gabriel is a very different coach than Lewistin, yet equally as profound. He has a spiritous presence. He is soft and kind and also steady, strong and wise. Together they make a dynamic duo for my clients. I am so happy for all of us and I can’t wait to introduce you to Lewistin and Gabriel live and in person at an event or session. Reach out to me when you’re ready to create what you heart desires!