I knew it was a mistake.

It was my wedding day and I’d been pushing down this “feeling” I’d been having since my soon-to-be husband entered my life.

“This is wrong,” my gut said.

“You shouldn’t do this,” my mind said.

“You’re wrong,” I said, and walked to the altar. I pushed right past what my body was telling me, and said, “I do” to a marriage that would last less than three years.

The reality was that my body was trying to help me to see the signs in front of me. Something inside of me wouldn’t allow the message to completely process or take action on my knowing. Maybe it was my flat-out stubbornness to “make it work.” Maybe it was a learned response from the past.

Gestalt teaches us that in every moment there is a chance to become aware of something deeper. Sometimes that awareness will lead us to a simple joy — the touch of a breeze on our skin reminding us of the power of nature. Other times it leads us to an “ah ha” — a metaphorical curtain being thrown back so that light can stream in and illuminate reality in a way we never before imagined. The key in inviting this awareness is to listen and feel into our bodies and hearts on a regular basis, instead of ignoring their wisdom.

Because I didn’t listen to my gut, there was a big price to pay. It was expensive emotionally because it cost me inner peace. It was expensive physically because I felt wrapped into knots. It was expensive spiritually because I felt I had failed.

My training as a Gestaltist has given me many gifts, and awareness is one of the greatest. When I did finally connect and listen to my gut, I was able to move forward positively, toward clarity and healing. It was in this phase that my horse, Lewistin — and the wisdom of horses in general — helped carry me toward peace. A horse’s ability to remain in the moment is a life lesson I strive to master because when I am in the moment, I am stronger and wiser, see more clearly, and am guided by my heart.

Now my question for you … If you checked in right now and listened to your body, what would it have to say about your life? Is there anxiety in your gut? Is there worry furrowing your brow? Is there joy in your heart? Do you feel pulled toward a creative endeavor? Is your body asking you to make a shift or to simply sit in the wise counsel of what you already know in making your next decision?