Because I coach with horses, some of the most common questions I receive at BraveHeart are “What happens at an Equine Gestalt Coaching Method session? What role does the horse play? How is it set up? What can I expect?”

I am going to answer those questions here!

Each EGCM session is unique and can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We will meet either inside an enclosed riding arena, or outside next to a small round pen if weather permits. There will be two coaches present, the equine (horse, who is in the round pen), and the Gestaltist (me). There may also be a handler present who assists me with the horse and other duties.

Before we begin, you will sign a release, and then I provide a safety demonstration. This way, even if you have little or no horse experience, you will know what to do if you feel uncomfortable with the horse and know how to stay safe in different situations.

You and I then sit face to face in chairs outside the round pen and the session starts. This is where the process truly begins — and the more you trust it, the more you will get out of the session. Trusting the process means allowing yourself to be open, and completely seen and heard without judgment. This is a state of being that is not common in today’s world, and by itself can be very transformational! Horses naturally live in this state and easily evoke it from us.

Using a toolbox of techniques, and with the assistance of my horse co-coach, you and I will identify what is causing you to be stuck, or unbalanced, and where you may be reacting due to beliefs that no longer serve you. These stuck places and old beliefs often arise from events that happened earlier in life, and are still negatively affecting your current life. My horses and I create space for you to see your truth, sometimes for the first time, and to release the blocks that are holding you back which allows movement into a more positive future, free of old, limiting beliefs.

At some point during this work, you will enter the round pen with the horse, which allows the horse to give immediate feedback, and support you in your process.

The EGCMethod is experiential, which means it isn’t just talking, it is helping you to physically experience and finally release whatever is holding you back.

If it seems that you live the same challenges over and over, dealing with the same obstacles and getting the same results, the EGCMethod is an extremely efficient, powerful way of transforming life into a more positive, balanced experience.
For more information or to set up your EGCMethod session, call Dr. Bethany at 231-633-7373.